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In nearly all of the larger and touristy areas someone in a shop, bank, restaurant etc will speak English. However, even ‘anglophiles’ do like you to try a few words in French before assuming that they will speak English to you. Smaller villages, of which there are many in this area, may not have so many English speakers. A phrase book will be handy.

We have provided a menu translator in the house which you are welcome to use but it will not cover every eventuality so not only may you have to take pot luck as to what you are ordering, it also helps to be ‘adventurous’!! Tips are normally automatically included in the price of meals and accommodation and may not be shown separately on the final bill (l’addition). Very good service may suggest that you leave the equivalent of a 10%. A big bill or a large party might suggest the equivalent of 15% - generally there isn't the expectation of a tip - very different from the UK and USA!