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Medical Treatment

General first aid and useful medical advice can be obtained from most chemists (pharmacie showing a green cross sign) most, though not all will speak some English and many drugs have the same names in England and France. If you take prescription medicines ensure they are clearly labelled and stock up in advance. The pharmacie in the village is very helpful and they genuinely welcome the chance to practice their English. It's opposite the Mairie

Health insurance is a must and is not expensive if bought in your home country as a rule. Many banks and credit cards offer ‘free health/travel insurance’ to certain categories of account/card holder. If you are British You should also go to your local post office and obtain a Form E111 or do it online - this will secure reciprocal health care between France and the UK. However, it is often the case that hospitals and doctors when offered this will feign ignorance of its purpose and ask for cash or payment by credit card. If they do, make sure you get a receipt and seek reimbursement when you get back to the UK.

Several of the local doctors speak a little English and all take appointments or casual drop ins. There is a dental practice in Maraussan who speak excellent English and I can personally vouch for how helpful they are.