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Driving Law
What you need - and French Driving Rules

Driving documentation
A full national driving licence is fine for use in France. You will also need the registration documents and insurance documents for your car and an approved nationality plate.

Check with your insurance company what cover the offer while abroad. Many UK policies only offer 3rd party as standard overseas cover and you may need to pay extra for fully comprehensive cover.

Highway Code
You have to be 18 or over to drive in France and it is compulsory to wear seatbelts in the front and, if they are fitted, also in the rear. Children under 10 must sit in the back. Traffic drives on the right and generally gives way to the right. After dark or at dusk/dawn you must use full or dipped headlights. Parking/sidelights may only be used when the vehicle is stationary.

If you breakdown you must use a red warning triangle and your hazard warning lights. You must carry yellow reflective jackets - one for each seat in the car and keep them in the car.

Vehicles must stop at red traffic lights and filter right only when an amber arrow is showing.

The drink limit is 0.50g/l and regulations on drinking and driving and speeding are strictly enforced and may result in on the spot fines or confiscation of the vehicle. In 2014 the police are having a special focu on this as well as on speeding.

Speed limits are generally as follows though they may be subject to local modification:

Toll motorways/peage 130kph/80mph when fine and 110kph/68mph when raining.
Dual carriageway and motorways without tolls 110khp/68mph and 100kph/62mph when raining
Other roads are 90kph/56mph (80kph/50mph when raining) and in towns 50kph/31mph
Outside lane on motorways on level ground and good visibility have a minimum speed of 80kph/50mph