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Terrace & Pool

Double glazed patio doors lead on to the rear terrace which runs the full width of the house. It is very private and very quiet. The terrace provides a large area for sunbathing and the gas powered 3 burner BBQ is incuded in the sale price. The floor is tiled with with non slip cream tiles over the whole of the terrace area which is approximately 20ft x 25ft. There is a wall light and two white terrace lanterns for use for evening dining or a quiet beer. There is also an electric powered, wall mounted sun shade which can cover most of the terrace on a sunny day. There is a double external power socket and a recently constructed cat run for our cat which you can see on the photographs. The internal 'wired' sections are demountable and make it the perfect area for siting the BBQ if you don't have a cat! We also use that area to store logs for lounge fire for use in winter.

A low wall and lockable gate secure the terrace from the rest of the back garden which is largely given over to the pool and pool surround. The pool is 8.5 metres long by 4 metres wide. The shallow end is about 1 metre deep and the deep end around 1m 85cms. There is a plastic abris ( a bit like a greenhouse) covering the pool which makes the pool usable in poorer weather and keeps drafts away. The cover can be rolled back to uncover half the pool on a sunny day or lifted off to uncover three quarters of the pool. There is a net on an extending handle for you to remove any leaves/insects on a daily basis and a Tiger Shark robotic pool cleaner to clean the pool liner and bottom.

The pool pump is on a timer. There are two pedestal lamps at the far end of the pool for evening ambience.

There are several loungers for the pool/patio area, recliner chairs and four chairs when you want to eat outside on the patio table. Several umbrellas provide shade by the pool for the heat of the day.

The back of the house and the wall on the left have been covered with rustic crepi in a pale gold colour - it looks much better in real life than than on the photo!

In tubs throughout the garden you will now find an olive tree, mandarin and 2 lemon trees, hibiscus bush as well as many other plants in wall and floor pots and troughs. There is an automatic watering system for all.

All items referred to above are included in the sale price.